Where can I download the Manewayz app?

The Manewayz app is available in both the Apple App Store and the Google play store.

What is a Prime Exit?

Prime exits are user-pinned exits that have three out of the four available amenities. These amenities include, diesel pumps, easy turn-around, food, and restrooms.

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How many horses can I upload at a time?

A user may upload up to 12 horses at a time and their respective health and travel documents.

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Why does the Manewayz app ask for driver and insurance information?

Manewayz asks for driver and insurance information to allow users to access documents in case of an emergency.

What is different about Manewayz compared to other navigation platforms?

Manewayz offers the ability  for drivers to avoid and pin restricted or dangerous roads for trailers while offering equine specific stops along the way.

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Is Manewayz a learning app?

Yes! Manewayz evolves daily by user pined locations and alerts.

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