Our Story

If necessity is indeed the mother of invention, it explains why Miranda and Tara spontaneously became the proud parents of Manewayz in May of 2020.

Leaving Connecticut early one morning on a horse retrieval mission to North Carolina, they found themselves towing an empty horse trailer into the Greater NYC area. Soon, things felt a little scary. Bridges started to look lower. Roads began to have less shoulder. THEY WERE ON A PARKWAY! ​

Friendly Drivers are Amazing!

Soon a fluttery sense of panic set in. Keenly aware that they were taking up the entire parkway, they frantically searched for the nearest exit. The non-drivers tried other navigation apps with no luck. GPS was not allowing them to find an alternative route. How did this happen? 

Luckily, fate was doubly kind that day; glancing to their right they could see someone flagging them down. A fellow horse lady! With her guidance, they were able to get off the parkway (shout-out to the nice horse owner in her Mercedes).

A New App is Born

After escaping the parkway and what felt like a near death experience, it then took them another hour to figure out how to get out of New York with no help from navigation. Miranda and Tara could not quite believe how quickly their situation became dangerous and seemingly unnavigable while towing a horse trailer.​Innovation was necessary. Manewayz was born. 

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Tara Aksoy

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Miranda Mcbride

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